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Old Hearses



These are a few of my photographs of old hearses I have come across in my travels. You can see more hearses, cemeteries and other cool stuff on the Gothic Tea Society Blog  HERE

The Gothic Tea Society

Come on over to the darkside! We have Tea and cookies! Our archives will give you hours of creepy reading. And you can join us on Facebook too! What ever are you waiting for?

The Sutherland Sisters


The Seven Sutherland Sisters lived in Cambria, just outside of Lockport, NY. In the late 1800's they were considered world famous celebrities with their floor length long hair and beautiful singing voices. Their hair products made them millionaires; their spending made them paupers.

Gothic Tea Apparel


Gothic Tea apparel! You can actually put the logo on the shirt of your choice. You control the style, color and price. Come and look at our store HERE

Gothic Chic

Steam Locomotives and Transport

Another thing that I adore photographing is old trains and transport. There is a GTS link HERE
to a post about Steam locomotives. Most of my Train photos are currently on display

My Photography Blog


I also have an extensive photography blog which you can find HERE

SInce Cemeteries are one of my most favorite subjects to photograph you will find LOTS of them here. Also our various road trips, local and out of state too!

A Tribute to the Haunted Mansion- Art Show

For lots more detail, plus a look at a great place to get your creepy on all year long go HERE

Bats Day- The Hearses

Some of the great hearses that were at Bats Day this year. Lots more photos can be found HERE

Mystic Seer

Some of the best episodes ever!